4 Essential Mixology Tools for Home Bartending

A proper home bar setup can become a social centerpiece that leaves your guests impressed and ready to come back for more. It only takes a few small tools to enhance the experience and increase the quality of your cocktail game. Contact Middleton Mixology today and make sure that your bar has the cutting edge in mixology technology. Check out just a few tools below that will enhance the taste of your next cocktail.

Using wine carafe


While many carafes are used for enhancing the aesthetics of a home bar, they also serve a specific and important purpose, especially when it comes to wine. A carafe allows the wine to aerate as opposed to leaving it corked up in a bottle. This enhances the taste immeasurably and uses a container that can be both inexpensive and incredibly effective.

Using cocktail shaker to pour drink

Cocktail Shaker

James Bond has it right when he orders his drinks “shaken, not stirred.” A good cocktail is improved with a proper shaker that allows you to better mix your ingredients and find the perfect blend of tastes. Tossing a drink between a couple of glasses might get the job done alright, but nothing can replace the effectiveness of a real cocktail shaker.

Using a muddler to smash limes


Whether you’re mixing a Mojito in the summer sun or kicking back during a blizzard with an old fashioned, muddled ingredients are key. Don’t spend time trying to ineffectively perform this process with a spoon or random blunt kitchen accessory. Pick up a quality muddler and make the process a breeze so that you can focus on your carefully-crafted cocktail.

A smoketop product line up


If you’ve never had a smoked drink, you are missing out on a world of different flavors in your homemade cocktails. The SmokeTop is specially designed to make the process as easy as possible when you’re smoking your completed beverage, your garnishes, or even your ice (for extra flavor!). Order your SmokeTop today and put a delicious spin on your next drink!

Make sure that your bar setup is complete with these accessories. Not only will they help you make better tasting drinks, but they will also allow you to experiment more with taste and easily impress your guests. Look into Middleton Mixology today and don’t waste another second with a subpar home bar!