History of Mixology

While mixology may be a new term to you (someone who invents, prepares, and serves cocktails as an artform), the term has been around since the mid-eighteenth century. Middleton Mixology takes the craft of mixology to a whole other level with our proprietary drink smoke infuser, SmokeTop. Below, we'll take a brief look at the history of mixology. Shop our mixology kits online today!

bartender mixing drinks


Many of the best inventions were discovered by accident or by those experimenting. The same holds true for mixology. On a quest to craft great-tasting drinks to satisfy customers, bar owners began mixing drinks until they found the perfect ones that satisfied them.

drink during prohibition 


You would think that Prohibition in the 1920s would have stopped mixologists in their tracks. On the contrary, it only fueled independent mixologists who tried their hand to recreate their favorite drinks that they could no longer get legally. In fact, Prohibition is said to have been the mother of invention for many cocktails, especially those that involved fruit.

mixed cocktails

Post Prohibition and Beyond

The demand for cocktails only continued to climb, even after Prohibition. Cocktails were popular after the World Wars, and the martini helped to add a touch of class and elegance. As bars began to appeal to the masses and move away from the backyard bar stigma, cocktails continued to be a staple that drove consumers in.

fancy cocktail

Today's Mixologists

Mixologists elevate the craft of making drinks to the next level. They look to the past for inspiration and use modern techniques to continue to craft great-tasting cocktails for all to enjoy. Cocktails have endured, and it's safe to say they will continue to only get better.


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