How to Use Your Middleton Mixology SmokeTop

At Middleton Mixology, we believe that your smoky cocktails should have a classy presentation to create the best atmosphere possible for your guests. Gone are the days of using a large device to get your desired smoked cocktails. Middleton Mixology has created the perfect cocktail smoking solution with our SmokeTop bartender set, created by bartenders for bartenders. Our American-made smoke infuser creates a full sensory experience and subtle flavor that will leave your guests coming back for more. Designed with simplicity in mind, your Middleton Mixology SmokeTop can turn anyone into a professional bartender ⁠— if only for a night BBQing with friends! In this blog, we will go over how to use our SmokeTop to create the perfect smoked cocktail. Keep reading to learn more, or discover your true bartender passion and order your Middleton Mixology SmokeTop today!

Less is More

Over the years, bartenders have found ways to infuse flavor into their cocktails while adding a wow factor to the added smoke effect. Unfortunately, many of these smoked cocktail attempts leave guests with a less than impressive presentation. With Middleton Mixology’s SmokeTop, we make it easy to impress your guests with smoked cocktails. Each of our SmokeTops lasts up to 500 uses! The key to creating the perfect smoked whiskey or smoke-infused cocktail: less is more. Load a small number of wood chips into the top of the chimney (just enough to cover the screen!). You can choose between our Middleton Mixology cherry, maple, oak, or hickory smoking chips.

Light it Before

The next step in creating the perfect smoked cocktail is lighting your wood chips. Now there are many ways to light your wood chips, but we suggest our angled torch lighter to achieve the perfect ignition. Another tip you can utilize is to light your wood chips before placing the SmokeTop on your vessel of choice.

Aim Straight Down

To ensure your wood chips catch fire, hold your torch lighter five inches away and aim straight down through the chimney. Slowly lower your torch to two to three inches. This will give you the best position to light your wood chips.

Two to Three Seconds

In creating our Middleton Mixology SmokeTip, simplicity was our top priority. When lighting your wood chips, it should only take two or three seconds to see smoke begin. If the flame pushes the chips out of the chimney, you will need to adjust your torch to a lower setting. On the contrary, if it takes longer than five seconds for the smoke to be produced, your torch will need to be adjusted to a higher setting. After your desired smokiness is achieved, your cocktail is ready for enjoyment! It is that simple!

With our Middleton Mixology SmokeTop, your smoked cocktail creations are only limited by your imagination. As anyone knows, adding smoked cocktails to your array of bartending skills not only increases your skill level but also adds depth and an array of flavors to your cocktails. Our SmokeTop mixology set has the power to turn an Old Fashioned or Negroni into a new and exciting cocktail flavor experience. Don’t be afraid to play around creating different flavor combinations until you find the smoked cocktail that takes you on a journey like no other. Plus the presentation is pretty cool if we don’t say so ourselves! Whether you are making cocktails for your friends around the pool or you are a professional bartender looking to add some pizzazz to your bartending skills, our SmokeTop mixology set is perfect! Once someone sees a smoked cocktail being created, their curiosity takes control, until they too experience the whisky smoker or other smoked cocktail for themselves. Be the bartender you always dreamt of. Order your Middleton Mixology SmokeTop kit today!