Perfect Gifts for the Mixologist in Your Life

It is always hard shopping for family members since they can seem to have everything they need. However, if you have a mixologist in your life, you can get them a cool gift that they will love. Middleton Mixology offers the best in cocktail smoke infusers. Below, we'll offer up some great gift ideas for the mixologist in your life. Shop our drink smoke infusers online today!

 package in the mail

Gift Subscription Boxes

Gift subscription boxes have become popular for all sorts of items, from fitness and fashion to coffee and now mixologists. There are great gift subscription boxes you can invest in that will surprise and delight the mixologist in your family.

 mixology kit

Mixology Kit

By having all of the items your mixologist friend or loved one needs at hand, they will be better able to make the best mixology drinks. There are many gift sets that offer everything a mixologist needs, such as a bottle opener, martini shaker, and more.

 ice bucket with champagne

Bar Knife & An Ice Bucket

Two often-overlooked essential items for any mixologist are a bar knife and an ice bucket. With an ice bucket, your friend won't have to go diving around for ice, and a bar knife will save hassle and frustration with trying to peel and slice oranges, limes, lemons, and more.

smoked cocktail

A SmokeTop Drink Smoke Infuser

We'd be remiss not to mention our best-selling SmokeTop drink smoke infuser. You will love how easy our proprietary drink smoke infuser is to use, but best of all, you'll love the added aroma and taste to your cocktails. Shop online today!


A drink smoke infuser can be a game changer for many mixologists who are looking to add some pizzazz and variety to their mixology skills. You can craft custom drinks that are sure to be a customer's delight. Shop with us online today!