Reasons to Smoke Your Cocktails

If you love cocktails and you've never tried a smoked cocktail, then you need to stop everything and indulge in this savory delight. Middleton Mixology offers our SmokeTop cocktail smoker to imbibe new life to your cocktails. Below, we'll cover some of the reasons to smoke your cocktails. Get in touch today!

cherry smoked cocktail

Adds Aroma

Before you drink your cocktail, you are hit with an enticing aroma of smoked wood chips. This adds not only a unique 3D experience to your night, but you also can smell the difference from afar and when you get your drink, your senses are already primed.

smoked whisky

Adds Flavor

There's no doubt that drinking a smoked cocktail tastes different from a regular cocktail. The smoke will infuse itself into the drink, and if you are drinking a whiskey, for example, you'll taste the difference the smoke makes immediately. Many love the smoked tinge to their cocktails.

flame smoked cocktail

Creates an Experience

Anyone can leave their work at 5 pm and head on over to their local watering hole where the song and dance are the same night-in and night-out. However, if you could head on over to a different watering hole that offers smoked cocktails that creates a unique experience, odds are, you'll head over there instead.

smoked fruity cocktail

Adds Consistency and Balance

The smoke can interact with the other components of your drink, which fundamentally transforms the flavor altogether. The smoke can blend with the flavors, bringing consistency and balance to any cocktail for the same great taste every time.


Middleton Mixology has spent years developing our proprietary SmokeTop, a cocktail smoke infuser that is easy and quick to use and sure to delight. Developed by bartenders for bartenders, you'll love the taste, aroma, and drama our infuser will bring to your bar or your home bar. Shop online today!