The Home Bartender's Guide to Smoked Cocktails

Smoked cocktails are the hottest trend in mixology. There is a smoked cocktail for every occasion, from smoked margaritas to smoked mojitos. In this article, we will cover what you need to know to make smoked cocktails at home.

Image of smoke

The Smoker

The first step is getting your hands on a smoker. There are many options out there, but the whiskey smoked cocktail is best made with a glass container and some sort of smoking chips for flavoring. Middleton Mixology has everything you need to add smoke, no matter the cocktail.

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Smoking Chips

Smoking Chips are used to add flavor to cocktails. Our high-quality smoking chips are prepared and ready to add a hint of smoke to your mixed drinks. These smoking chips generate smoke, fragrance, and taste that bring guests back to the heat of an open fire and the call of the outdoors. Impress your visitors with a new ingredient that will leave their senses yearning for more.

image of a cocktail smoker

Using The Smoke Top Smoker

Simply fill the top of the chimney with a few chips and set it on top of your cocktail glass to use the Smoke Top cocktail smoker. Hold the torch lighter five inches from the top and fire down through the chimney. Gradually lower the flame two to three inches from the top to fill up with smoke. Remove the smoker after the desired amount of smoke is reached. Remove the Smoke Top Smoker and enjoy!

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Buy a Kit. Save Time and Money

With the Middleton Mixology original cocktail smoking kit, created by bartenders for bartenders, you can bring your drinks to life. Unlike other kits on the market, ours includes high-quality food-grade smoking chips in a variety of tastes, allowing you to create the ideal mood for every occasion. SmokeTop was created with simplicity in mind, allowing anybody to become a professional bartender — one smoking knockout at a time! Have you seen another kit from somewhere else? Don't accept low-quality knockoffs or cheap imitations; go for Middleton Mixology for only the best.

Middleton Mixology has everything you need to get started smoking your own cocktails at home! Get Started Today!