The Main Types of Whisky and the Best Ways To Drink Them

Do you want the ability to feel like a professional bartender without having to go through the training? Middleton Mixology makes it easy to do so! At Middleton Mixology, we have perfected the perfect mixologist kit so that you can make smoked cocktails in your own home. If you want to impress your guests with your new bartending skills, read to learn more about our kits and some whiskeys that work great with our mixologist set. 

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When it comes to whisky, people either love it or hate it. At Middleton Mixology, we think that there is a whisky for everyone. Our goal is to help you craft beautifully smoked cocktails. Whether you are bartending to impress or you just want to test out your abilities, we can help you make the best smoked cocktails with our mixology set

When it comes to picking out whisky, the options can be overwhelming. There are so many flavors and options to choose from. In its simplest form, whisky is a spirit distilled from malted grain, specifically, barley or rye. The three most common types of whisky are bourbon, Tennessee, and rye whisky. The types and flavors of whisky come from the grain that is used to craft them. 

bourbon whisky

Bourbon Whisky

Bourbon whisky is an American-style whisky. This whisky is made from at least 51% corn and is 80 proof or more. Aged in a new oak barrel, this whisky is perfect for making a classy old-fashioned. When it comes to making old-fashioned cocktails, it is easier than you think. Find the bartender in you and get a little help from Middleton Mixology to make your old-fashioned a perfectly smoked cocktail!

tennessee whisky

Tennessee Whisky

Tennessee whisky is essentially classified as bourbon. This whisky is crafted in Tennessee and uses a filtration step known as the Lincoln County Process prior to aging. Tennessee whiskey can come in different flavors while keeping the smooth bourbon taste. Tennessee whisky is the perfect liquor to add some flavor to your cocktails. Pair a smokey Tennessee whisky with one of our bartending kits to make a smoke show experience.

rye whisky

Rye Whisky

Following the same distilling process as bourbon, rye whiskey is made with at least 51% rye and includes corn and barley. Rye whisky tends to hold spicier flavors compared to other types of whisky. Spice up your cocktails with a rye whiskey and some help from Middleton Mixology. Our smokeTop Bundle is perfect for spicing up your favorite cocktails!

The Main Types of Whisky and the Best Ways To Drink Them

Middleton Mixology

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