The Middleton Mixology Guide - The Classic - Smoked Old Fashioned

An old fashioned is a classic drink. Not only does the drink itself look like something you would drink at a sophisticated lounge, but the flavors combine sweetness and spices to give you a perfectly balanced drink. With that in mind, at Middleton Mixology, we want to elevate this drink even further by giving you the option to add in a smoky flavor that will not only have you going back for more, but will also impress your guests. To learn more about how we take this already elegant drink to a new level, continue reading below, and be sure to get your whiskey smoker kit from Middleton Mixology today!

Whisky Smoked Old Fashioned

What Is an Old Fashioned?

An old fashioned is a whiskey-based cocktail that was first mixed in the early 1800s. The drink gets its name from the way it used to be made, which involved stirring spirits with sugar and bitters in a glass and then dropping an orange slice into it. These days, there are many variations of this drink, but at Middleton Mixology, we prefer the classic recipe with an added, smoky twist. Keep reading to find our unique recipe below!

Whisky Smoked Old Fashioned

Understanding the History

While the old fashioned may be seen as one of the more intricate drinks you can order at a bar, when it was first created, it was actually known for being one of the simpler versions of cocktails at the time. Keep in mind, this was before advanced bartending techniques and recipes were developed. With that in mind, the recipe for an old fashioned dates back to 1806. In May of that year, a reader of The Balance and Columbian Repository in Hudson, New York, asked for the definition of a "cocktail," to which the editor described it as a potent concoction of spirits, water, bitters, and sugar, which is essentially the recipe for an old fashioned.

Around the 1860s, cocktails became more complex, and people started asking for simpler cocktails that resembled the old fashioned, and people started requesting an "old fashioned" in reference to the simplicity of how cocktails used to be made. While this term still referred to drinks made with various different spirits, the most popular was a drink made with whiskey.
However, depending on who you ask, you may hear a different origin story of the old fashioned, as many people have claimed to have invented it. The truth of the matter is that while some people may have started calling that specific drink an old fashioned, it's simply a rebranding of a drink that already existed.

Whisky Smoked Old Fashioned

Our Recipe

Now that you understand a little more of the history of an old fashioned, it’s time to learn what actually goes into making this fabulous cocktail.


  • ½ teaspoon sugar
  • 3 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 1 teaspoon water
  • 2 ounces bourbon
  • Garnish: orange peel


  1. Add the sugar, bitters, and water to a rocks glass, in that order. Stir until the sugar is nearly dissolved.
  2. Fill the glass with large ice cubes, add the bourbon, and gently stir to combine.
  3. Take the orange peel and express the oils into the glass, then drop the peel into the glass.
  4. Fit your SmokeTop whiskey smoker to the top of your glass and add a few wood chips.
  5. Light up your torch away from the glass, then aim the flame right on top of the chimney.
  6. Smoke your drink for two to three seconds to avoid burning the wood chips.


If you want a smokier taste, smoke your ice before you add the liquid.
To get a stronger smoky aroma, smoke your cocktail after pouring the drink.

Whisky Smoked Old Fashioned

How Our Whiskey Smoker Works

The great thing about our whiskey smoker is that it easily fits into every glass. In fact, we even designed it so that you can fit it on top of your shaker if you plan on making more than one drink, or around your garnish so that you can enjoy smoked cherries, limes, olives, and so much more. On top of our whiskey smoker being extremely versatile, it’s also extremely easy to use. All you have to do is fit the SmokeTop to your drink, add some wood chips, light the torch, and let the smoke do the rest! If you have questions about our product, don’t be afraid to reach out to our team or watch our instructional videos!

Whisky Smoked Old Fashioned

Impress Your Guests With an Old Fashioned Today!

An old fashioned is an impressive drink on its own, but at Middleton Mixology, we’re excited to take this drink to a whole new level. Even better? You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy it! If you’re having dinner with friends, a casual game night, or even watching some of your favorite movies, you can make a great impression by breaking out your whiskey smoker and serving yourself or your guests a smoked old fashioned.

What are you waiting for? At Middleton Mixology, we’re proud to offer a variety of products that can help you elevate all of your favorite cocktails. In addition to selling our high-quality whiskey smoker, you can also buy a variety of wood chips to help you play around with different flavors. Before you know it, you’ll be the best mixologist in the neighborhood! Explore our website to learn more about our unique recipes and products, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions!