Tips to Up the Ante When it Comes to Mixology

A mixologist treats mixing drinks as a form of artistry. They are constantly looking for unique and different ways to invent, prepare, and serve cocktails. Below, we'll offer up some tips on how you can up the ante when it comes to your mixology skills. Order our SmokeTop cocktail smoke infuser from Middleton Mixology online today!

bartender making cocktail

Practice So You Can Strive for Perfection of Your Craft

You'll want to always have the fundamentals down. For instance, when someone orders a martini, a margarita, or a Long Island Iced Tea, you want to be able to make the drink without thinking. This leaves you plenty of time to connect with your guest and add some flair, too.

unique cocktail

Always Be Open to Experimentation

Every drink invented had to start somewhere, and most began with someone just experimenting with flavors until they got it right. So, when someone orders a drink you've never made or asks for something original, be open to it. Plus, always try your mess ups. Your small mess up could lead to a signature drink one day.

female bartender mixing up drinks

Try New Industry Trends

Mixologists need to stay abreast of industry trends. This means reading about what other leading mixologists are doing. Remember that what's important in mixology is satisfying the customer and their particular wants and needs.

smoked cocktail

Invest in SmokeTop Drink Smoke Infuser

One impressive way to up the ante when it comes to mixology is to invest in a top-rated cocktail smoke infuser. This can not only add a great experience and delight to your customers visually, but you'll be giving them a unique flavor to try, too.


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