Accessories **Butane Not Included

Cocktail Torch and Accessories

You’ve mixed the perfect cocktail and are getting ready to infuse it with smoke using Middleton Mixology’s Smoke Top. Now, all you need is the perfect cocktail torch to ensure that you get the desired smokiness for each cocktail. We’ve got you covered. Our cocktail torches are just the right size and power to achieve the right flame and subsequently the right amount of smoke for each cocktail you make.

We also carry mesh screen replacements for your Smoke Top. Each smoke infuser has a screen to keep the wood chips from falling into your cocktail. Over time, the screen will deteriorate, which is why we have replacements for you. Simply push a pen or pencil through the bottom to pop out the old screen. Wipe out the chimney and push in the new screen firmly until seated, and you’re all set to keep mixing and creating smoke-infused cocktails.

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