Cocktail Smoking Kit and Accessories

Create aromatic, smoke-infused cocktails with Middleton Mixology’s cocktail smoking kits and accessories. All of our supplies are easy to use and create delicious results every time.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to creating the perfect smoke-infused cocktail:

  1. Load smoking chips into the top of the smoking chimney
  2. Place the SmokeTop on top of your drink or cocktail
  3. Use your torch in the chimney of the cocktail smoker
  4. Enjoy your smoked cocktail!

That’s all it takes to create a delicious cocktail. Bartenders and at-home mixologists will love and appreciate our cocktail smoking kits and accessories. No matter who you’re making drinks for, they’re sure to love this new world of cocktails.

Wholesale is available for bars, restaurants, hotels, and shops!