SmokeTop Cinnamon Bundle

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Bring your cocktails to life with the Middleton Mixology original cocktail smoking kit – designed by bartenders, for bartenders. This American-made smoke infuser lends a heady, full sensory experience to cocktails that won’t go unnoticed or be forgotten. Unlike other kits on the market, ours features premium food-grade smoking chips in a wide selection of flavors, allowing you to create the perfect mood for any occasion. The raw and natural smoking chips entice everyone around them, while the deep yet subtle flavor keeps guests coming back for more. Designed with simplicity in mind, SmokeTop offers anyone the chance to be a professional bartender – one smoking knockout at a time! Seen another kit elsewhere? Don’t settle for knock-offs or cheap copies – choose Middleton Mixology for quality of service you can depend on.


Package Includes:

  • SmokeTop Cocktail Smoker
  • Alder, Apple, Cinnamon, and Mesquite  Chips
  • Angled Torch Lighter 
  • Butane - 90ML
  • Instructions
  • 5 pack Replacement Screens.

Each SmokeTop lasts ~500 uses 

1. Load a small amount of chips into the top of the chimney just  enough to cover the screen.
2. Place the SmokeTop on top of the vessel of your choosing.
3. Hold the torch lighter 5 inches from the top and direct the flame down through
the chimney. Slowly lower the torch to 2-3 inches from the top.
4. If the flame pushes the chips out of the chimney, adjust the torch to a lower
setting. If it is taking longer than 5 seconds to fill with smoke, adjust the torch to a
higher setting.
5. After desired smokiness is achieved, remove and enjoy!
*be sure to discard the burnt wood chips into a non-flammable container*
Over time the screen will deteriorate. Simply push a pen or pencil through
the bottom to pop out the old screen. Wipe out the chimney and push
in the new screen firmly until seated.